1. Innovative Energy Harvesting Using Human Power.
2. Advanced Wind Energy Harvest Technology.
3. Advanced Stirling Generator for Electrical-Powered Vehicles.
4. Studies of Superconductivity for the Unmanned Martian Probe.
5. Studies of Internet-Controlled/Wireless Remote Automatic Manufacturing.
6. Studies of Advanced Coordinate Systems for the GPS Technology.
7. Studies of Solar-Thermal Electric Power System.
8. Studies of Alternative and Artificial Fuel.
9. Studies of Mass-Production for Biodiesel Fuel.
10.Low-Temperature-Difference Stirling Generator.
11.Energy Collection and Storage Systems for Re-Entry Modules.
12.Real-Time Fatigue Monitoring System for Wind Turbine Blades.
13.Wind Dampers for Wind Turbine Towers and Structures.
14.Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System for Ground Vehicles.